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The attempt to discover an affinity with the Aryan languages a has, it must be said, not been successful ; for the words that are identical or even similar are too few to justify the inference of a common origin. The same criticism is applicable to the attempt to establish a relation with the Semitic languages.

The new Lchrfyich contains eight hundred pages, of which the last two hundred are devoted to an entirely new German-Japanese vocabulary. Such mixed words are called jubako-yomi or yuto-yomi.

BY THE METHODIST PUBLISHING HOUSE TOKYO, JAPAN The basis of this book is the first volume of the series of Lehrbucher des Seminars far Orientalische Sprachen, publish- ed at Berlin in 1890. Lange, before his appoint- ment at Berlin, had been for a number of years instructor in the German language at the Daigaku Yobimon (Preparatory School to the University) in Tokyo. d The beginner may find it difficult to distinguish mo and mada. In the next sentence Kanda is the name of a district in the same city, from /(vzw/god and fa paddy- field.

Since that time all his energies have been devoted to the task of making his country- men acquainted with the Japanese language and literature. The latter is commonly associated with negative ideas and may be used alone in the sense of " not yet." Mada samni. Mo means " still " only in such expressions as mo hifotsn still one, one more. g When an interrogative sentence is fcrmed with a word like doko t the subject (or object) of the English sentence often takes iva. a If kwaji were followed by wa, the natural implication would be that small fires were not infrequent.

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My own experience as a missionary student of the lan- guage having proved the value of this work I prepared an English edition which was printed at Sendai, 1901-1903. Lange sent me copious notes -of corrections and additions gathered during his ten years' ex- perience as a teacher. Berrin ni wa a From met name, fame, and bntsu=tnono (same as rnotsu in kokumotsii}. c This verb is properly intransitive and impersonal. e Words like this, corresponding to our prepositions, follow their nouns and should be called postpositions. Ka may be omitted when interrogative pronouns or adverbs are used. e In Tokyo (ni wa) there are few horse-cars (horse-cars are few). This house is well built (manner of building is good). Does this photograph resemble me (watakus Jii ni) ? b Hi wo tsuketa mono the person who started the tire.

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