Tupac and madonna dating interatial dating calif

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Tupac and madonna dating

He was regarded as a rap icon and sex symbol during his short 25 years of life, but many of the relationships Shakur allegedly participated in have mostly been shrouded in rumors.However, new insight on at least one of his romantic flings has surfaced after an auction house recently received the rapper's handwritten letter to Madonna.

For Madonna, if she truly loved and cared about Tupac, him leaving her because she was white was probably deeply hurtful, if that is what happened.

Tupac spent his short-lived career as a rap star, who spoke out against the racial and economic injustices in America.

Madonna was indeed a sex symbol and pop star with way more experience being in the Hollywood spotlight. It's understandable that the racial issues, paired with the power of her stardom and maturity, pushed Tupac into another direction — especially considering the possibility of potentially being just another token of Madonna's sex symbol status.

In a 1994 letter recently obtained by TMZ, Tupac allegedly shared several reasons why he ended their year-long relationship, which included their racial differences, his concerns about both of their images, her sex symbol status, and previous comments she made about dating rappers.

The rapper, who was shot and killed in Las Vegas in 1996, allegedly wrote in his letter, Tupac also allegedly wrote about a comment he claimed to have heard her make in an interview, about dating rappers and basketball players to "rehabilitate" them, though this interview cannot be verified.

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