Two way webcam fun

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Two way webcam fun

IP cameras don’t need a local machine to be booted up to function (unlike Web cams).All they need is a wireless network or a hard wired connection to a router.On the other hand, IP cameras (or network cameras) are constantly connected to the Internet.They’re typically used for monitoring purposes – nanny-cam, surveillance, asset protection, whatever you want to call it.

Do you have experience with the old IP cams that required extensive set-up? As their costs come down, however, they’re being used for much less foreboding purposes.Everyday people use them to check up on babies, monitor their kids and pets, stay connected with work, or keep an eye on valuable property.Make sure you have the right camera for your situation Hardware costs for both IP cameras and Web cams are getting really low.And the new software is really good, too (hint: both are much easier to set up, configure and start using immediately).

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Some other points of distinction: It used to be that IP cameras were more complex and required technical set-up knowledge.

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