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Community played a key role in safeguarding “right” life scenarios and punishing women in case of breaking them.The community made sure that everything happens according to the laws of ancestral morality.Girls had to get married by the age of 18, boys – by the age of 20.

If a boy and a girl liked each other, they would go to sleep side by side in the same house.Iryna Ignatenko, an ethnographer and an author of the book “The female body in the traditional culture of Ukrainians”, explains that such incidents had dreadful consequences for a girl.She would either become a single mother, marginalized from society, or would be forced to continue sexual relationship with her offender, threatened that he will reveal her loss of virginity to the community.A girl, who got pregnant out of wedlock, was titled “pokrytka” and limited from communication with her community.Ukrainians believed that any contact with such a woman leads to misfortune.

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“Beats means loves.” This Ukrainian proverb is so deeply rooted in the Ukrainian society, that it is often heard nowadays. Every nation, culture, social group has its gender system.

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