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Updating date field in oracle

' months' 4 from ( 5 SELECT (sysdate-to_date('1999/01/01','YYYY/MM/DD')) YEAR(2) TO MONTH ymint 6 from dual 7 ) 8 / YMINT --------------------------------------------------------------------------- EXTRACT(YEARFROMYMINT)

Do not use the TO_DATE function with a DATE value for the char argument.Whenever i try to update same row with null (or empty) values on both date and numeric columns, it results in sending '01-Jan-0001' for date column and 0 for numeric column.I want the user to have the options of null or corresponding values for the update. Make sure the columns in the table are of Nullable type. Attempt to assign null results in the Error " 'Null' is not declared.Server, you have to use a datetime style that defines the format for the entire datetime string.DECLARE 2 CURSOR C1 IS SELECT EMP_CODE, EMP_SALARY FROM EMP; 3 BEGIN 4 FOR I IN C1 5 LOOP 6 UPDATE EMP_SAL 7 SET EMP_SALARY = I. EMP_CODE; 9 END LOOP; 10 END; 11 / PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

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Many thanks if it has leading zeroes, it is "not a number"Just to add that the questioner can put in a check constraint to ensure that the string only contains the characters 0123456789.

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