Updating emule server list

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Updating emule server list

The second number represents the amount of servers found with pieces of the file you are looking for.

The number between brackets is the amount of connection that are actually downloading pieces of the file you requested. This only makes e Mule decide, within the amount of available connections, which file get's what priority.

However, be aware not to share personal information/documents with others.

I usually set my shared directory identical to the "Incoming Files" directory ...

If you haven't used the "" option (in the "Preferences" - "Connection" page), you will need to manually click the Connect icon .

The connection status can be monitored in the lower right corner of the e Mule window.

not sure if this is a good or bad idea, but it works for me. If you enabled the auto-update option, the you will see that the server list will be updated and that you are instantly connected. For you to be able to find something on the Peer-to-Peer network, you will need to be connected.

So downloading a movie for example, can originate from multiple clients. e Mule specifically, uses the e Donkey 2000 network.

Preferences Click on the "Preferences" icon , this window appears. Only the fields "Minimize to tray icon" which makes e Mule minimize to the systray (the window clock in the lower right corner), "Beep on errors" and "Bring to front on link click". This will associate e Mule with e Donkey 2000 links on the internet (for example on the Share Reactor website). This includes the "Auto-update serverlist at startup" option, this requires you to have an address for automatically downloading files as show in the chapter "Adding a Server list" (in the : Make sure the directories are on a disk with sufficient space! You also can set here the folder(s) you wish to share with other users.

Don't forget to enter an nick name at "Nick" - this can be your name or nickname. It is a nice custom to share at least something with other users.

On this page I will tell you about e Mule and how to work with it ... The user's computer is being tied into the network and can be used for both downloading and uploading.

The basic idea is that all "users" are part of a huge network.

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