Updating iphone gps

Posted by / 08-May-2020 20:51

Updating iphone gps

Users also reported that the reset and restore method doesn't work in trying to fix the glitch.

Older Apple devices aren't the only ones that are set to be impacted by the GPS time rollover issue from November.

This pushes the systems to reset their count once they reach 1,024 weeks each time.

Notably, the GPS time rollover issue began impacting various GPS-enabled devices on April 6, though Apple says that its own devices will remain unaffected until November 3.

The simplest suggestion that you could try is to move to an open space in a different location as we know that signal strength is an important factor to GPS performance and the signal strength is different from one location to another depending on many factors. So head to Settings If turning off LTE did nothing, turn it back on and try again to see if GPS has returned.

Once you have moved, go to: Location Services and ensure that your favorite apps have permission to use location services. i Phone GPS issue can be caused by software problem, you can try to soft reset i Phone to fix this problem.

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Apple has also confirmed that the GPS time rollover issue doesn't affect the i Pod touch and older Wi-Fi only i Pad models. You can check the availability of the latest i OS update on your dated i Phone or i Pad by going to Settings Software Update.