Updating list of appendix tables in word memphis dating agency

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Updating list of appendix tables in word

Think I managed to update the style but when I do step 2 and insert the caption it changes it back to Calibri, 9pt in blue – it’s supposed to be Arial, 11pt, black.

There doesn’t appear to be anyway of making that caption appear in any other style than what the programme thinks it should be inserted in.

You can modify your captions, especially their numbering.Are you stuck trying to create additional contents pages for the tables and figures in your document? We’ve already learned how to apply headings styles and create an automatic table of contents.But what if you’ve got figures and/or tables and you want to show those in the contents pages, too?If you haven’t copied the caption text, and you haven’t typed it in the box, don’t worry, as you will have another opportunity to insert it in a moment.Press the OK button and Table 1 and any text you’ve entered will appear below your table. Put your cursor below the figure and click on the same Insert Caption button.

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Let’s do the table of figures first (it doesn’t matter which order you do this in).