Updating map kia sportage navigation system

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booked my car in at another dealership – they wanted it for the entire day because it can take up to 3 hours, they said – only to be told at the end of the day that 12Q3 was the most up to date map release, which my car already had.

They are victims of the Korean company’s decision to dump its original navigation provider and move to an in-house system, a decision that kicked in at the beginning of this year.Please contact a Kia dealer of your preference to make a booking so as the dealer can check your map version..." It's bad enough that Kia has changed the process shortly after I bought the car (where you could download maps and do it yourself), and I've had no end of trouble with the satnav/media playback.Now it seems to be impossible to access even the limited number of free upgrades. My Kia Sorento 2013 is due for service and I was hoping to get the maps upgraded. Just checked I'm on 2011Q3 at the moment Hi, I have just had my Optima 2014 serviced last Friday and I made a point to please upgrade the maps/firmware.My Sat Nav started freezing and taking forever to load, service centre tried to reset/reprogram but nothing fixed it so they replaced the whole unit.I'm surprised the map version is still 13Q3 Anyone know what exactly is going on with KIA ? In practice, AFAIK Kia releases new maps around each April, but dependent on which dealer you speak to, they have in the past alleged all sorts of things that prevents the job from being done.

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So, they thought it was the faulty unit and ordered a new one. They had made it even worse, they had DOWNGRADED the maps.

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