Updating powered by phpbb

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Updating powered by phpbb

Thanks Update on LOV values: I removed the condition on the BEx query and created a prompt on Account in the Web I report, that brings me all the values in the LOV with out having "Partial Result" error. Hi, I still have the issue even after modifying the Web I Parameters in the client / server properties and doing the delegated search option in the universe, my LOV doesn't retrieve the value in the list.Thanks Not endorsed by or affiliated with SAP Powered by php BB © php BB Group Generated in 0.0309 seconds using 17 queries. I noticed I can set the 0.12.29 or even 0.12.30 in the "opt in for Beta" Part. I noticed I can set the 0.12.29 or even 0.12.30 in the "opt in for Beta" Part. To answer my own question on changing the versions, I only saw problems with a few trees and disabled replays. I use the star codes to determine which line is used to make the call. The HD3 currently has 3 charge levels so it's easy to reach 50%.Phone number one for family/friends, phone number two for all others. We have an open enhancement to add support for both prefixes and postfixes.I wrote a post long time ago about how to use Gmail with php BB 3. The whole error is a kind of a list of warning with same problem. Step It works for php BB 3.1.x, not just php BB 3.1.6. This cronjob is used to update or re-index the php BB powered forum, which is a Chinese forum.

If I run BEx Analyzer on the same query, it populates data with the above account.Asking for some guidance on how I can finally get my Web I report to refresh with a correct set of values. Just create one more object in the universe for the same field and goto the properties and click display and then click refresh, if you do not get the expected values still then check the database values for that field..Hi Sivakumar S, I tried recreating a field like you mentioned and it still gives the same result. Just to add some more information, this report is being built off of an OLAP Universe pointing to a BEx Query pointing to a Multiprovider. Sure you are running the steam version and not the old shortcut of your previous install? Curious enough, I just realized that I was in fact running the old version (non Steam). And running your version is ok, but you can not play multiplayer, you miss many new features and the new mods wont work.

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We have other reports that point to Data Federator and the prompts are working fine. It required a small piece of code being added somewhere I do not know. We have our LOV file which is pulling all values from Master Data.

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