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The team at Visual Concepts has basically created an experience that makes you feel like you're playing a television broadcast of the NBA -- especially in the striking, realistic way the players look, move, and behave from the motion captured animation of Kobe Bryant's gliding fadeaway jumper to the disgruntled scowl A. There are also a lot of small little touches like the shimmery reflections of the arena lights on the court and the colorful mascots that hop around on the sidelines.

This year's gameplay remains good as well, if a bit on the complicated side (It's a pretty clear clue that's it's gotten to be a little too much when the instruction manual refers you to a more detailed online manual for all of the controls).

Source of info: From the NBA 2k9 Readme file: 3.2.1 Shader Model 3.0 Support ------------------------------ NBA 2K9

It's possible...a number of Samsung tablets and phones utilize Kies, which downloads the update first to the PC, then it goes to the device. Check with your particular manufacturer to see if they allow downloading the update to a PC.

It allows you to tell your teammates to screen for you, pop out for an open shot, or cut to the basket.

In addition, your players also make solid cuts off the ball if they notice a defender is overplaying them on one side, though sometimes if you move around too much, your teammates will stand around and not make themselves open.

At a time when legendary players like Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Charles Barkley and others were ruling both the hard courts and the hearts of many sports fans, most of the best basketball games weren't even based on real players.

Nintendo's popular Double Dribble for the NES featured make-believe teams like the "Boston Frogs" and the arcade game made console port Arch Rivals had cartoony 'street' players with no grounding in reality. Bird, a simplistic one-on-one game in which the highlight was slam dunking hard enough to break down the backboard and watching the janitor sweep up the shattered glass.

You simply owe it to yourself to try it if you're a basketball fan; though it's always best to play with people you know and trust because some online players love to ballhog. The menus are confusing and difficult to navigate, the aforementioned load times, and the framerate can get choppy sometimes, especially during instant replays.

The Association is also back and it's an all-encompassing game mode that lets you control a franchise from the on-the-court action to hiring assistant coaches, assigning specific roles to players, and scouting college talent.

Thankfully, you have the option to automate the minutia that you might not care about.

There's also a "Blacktop" mode that lets you toy around with playground games like '21', and a dunk contest that controls more like a fighting game than a sports title.

The brightest highlight, however, is perhaps the Total Team Control mode which lets you play online with nine other players for true 5-on-5 basketball.

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Because it is an older version (compared to NBA 2k10), it will cost less...

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