Updating squirrelmail

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Updating squirrelmail

PRE 0: BACKUPS, BACKUPS, BACKUPS Create backups of all squirrelmail directories, the squirrelmail database, and the mail database. PRE 1: ADAPT SQUIRRELMAIL TO MY DIRECTORY STRUCTURE / SETUP Have previously used debian's squirrelmail package, and I liked some of it's features. Create new config file if necessary, or add a few lines. - "multilogin" patch to sm source so can use extended vlogin plugin functionality. NOTES 2: CUSTOM PATCHES - "todo" plugin has a bug where it does not work when calendar plugin is also installed, because of namespace collision in functions. Before posting, please read the troubleshooting guide.A large part of all reported issues are already described in detail here.This seems particularly silly because the author of "todo" admits to have modeled his plugin after the "calendar" plugin. Custom patch just changes function names and resp function calls.

Configuration options to turn this on/off on a per-user basis can be found under the 'Display' options page.

Most importantly, configuration files are kept in /etc/squirrelmail.

Steps: * create new squirrelmail directories as /usr/share/squirrelmail-1.4.6 and /etc/squirrelmail-1.4.6 so as not to interfere with running version during installation. PL AND TRANSFER CONFIGURATION SETTINGS Transfer all configuration settings between the old and the new

- core plugins are shown even though core is set to "hide".

STEP 2: INSTALL PLUGINS Go through list (see end of this email).

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As this change will disrupt many users, c Panel is taking this opportunity to explain the reasons behind their decision in the below URL.