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Updating variables in xquery

The side effects of a sequential expression are immediately effective and are visible to subsequent expressions.

Because of their side effects, sequential expressions must be evaluated in evaluation order, as defined in this specification.

The XQUF specifications take care of forbidding such ambiguous updates.

An error is generated (during the apply-updates stage) when such a conflict is detected.

Statements have to be executed in the evaluation order defined in XQSX.] XQSX introduces the following statements: XQSX builds on top of XQuery 3.0 and XQuery Update 1.0, so that it keeps the same constraints about an expression being simple (if it returns an empty PUL), updating (if it returns an empty XDM) or vacuous (if both are empty).

This specification takes into account the fact that the XQUF specification might evolve and allow an updating expression to return both a PUL and an XDM.

At the time this tutorial was written, there were already a few implementations: Monet DB (CWI), Qizx (XMLmind), Oracle Berkeley DB XML (Oracle), XQilla.

Prerequisites: the reader is presumed to have some acquaintance with XML Query and its (or contents) of the same node.

Composability constraints are given for updating expressions in new expressions as well as for sequential expressions.

In addition to the updating/non-updating categorization, XQSX introduces another dimension to classify expressions: sequential/non-sequential expressions.

It also introduces block expressions, which may contain statements and thus also have side effects.

Such expressions must be evaluated in a specific order, which is described here.

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