Updating web config

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Updating web config

The mentioned blog post covers how to read settings from another XML file and it works with both windowed applications and web applications (with a little modification in config file name and path).

Not trying to tell you how to suck eggs, just thought I'd note it for anyone's prospective interest... Thanks to nkvu which directed me to a his first link which in turn sent me to Williarob's post "Override Configuration Manager" I managed to find a solution to my question.

Can you try removing the xmlns from your web.config root element. That means a lot of apps won't work without this change to web.config. Without Super Tramp's tip, I would never have made it to work.

Then try to see if the transformation happens right. Can someone confirm that the installer does work with ASP. I am not sure the significance of that xmlns attribute in web.config.

Another web.config file used for Web Part resources is placed in a \wpresources folder within the same root folder.

VS2008 Vista Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 Version 9.0.21022.8 RTM Microsoft .A bunch of critical information ranged from database configuration, encryption keys, username and passwords for webservices are saved in Configuration config = Web Configuration Manager. Although this blog written on 2010 it is still working fine with . However as I was going to read my configuration from a secure device, I simplified the class and here is how to use the classes provided by Williarob using System; using System. this web service should only be allowed to run 1000 times an hour and I want to keep a counter each time the web service is called and check the new value each time it is read to make sure it is below the threshold of 1000).Yes, I know you could use a database to get the information, but I do not want all those connections being opened and closed.

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NET Framework Version 3.5 Microsoft Visual Web Developer 2008 91605-031-5000002-60175 Installed Edition: Professional why dont you load web.config file in xml document and there you can set or get any value, through xml Node or Node List object ? Name = "mydb Connection"; Hi there, Based on my understanding, this line of code "Configuration Manager.