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If you were unable to install Wine with a method found on that site, or if you are an experienced user wanting more control over the installation, then you may want to look into compiling Wine from source code.See the Wine HQ wiki for information: There are three basic methods for installing Wo W within Wine.Most distributions provide a utility called If direct rendering is not enabled, or if the command is not present, consult your distribution's documentation for instructions on how to get it working.Distributions which use packages to organize their software may provide .Wine is a free software application which aims to allow Unix-like operating systems on the x86 architecture to execute programs written for Microsoft Windows.It is not officially supported for World of Warcraft and users have sometimes run afoul of Blizzard Entertainment policies with it.In general, the manufacturer's drivers will provide better performance, though this is not universal.

However, with some careful research, and a bit of patience, it's very possible to do so.

3D-accelerated video generally means something made by NVidia, AMD (formerly ATI), or Intel.

All of these drivers use the Direct Rendering Infrastructure (DRI), so you want to make sure the driver has that enabled.

Click "Install" from there, if needed, to finish the install.

If you have installation media, you can also install from that.

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All European Wo W clients in all languages: Use the path and name of the file as downloaded from Blizzard, if it's not the same as the above.

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