Utorrent tracker updating stuck

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@pseudoid Your problem maybe different from mine, because mine won't be solved by using "Force Start/Resume", and after I set "maximum number of half open connections" to 99999, it won't happen even if I switch on/off VPN.It's broken behavior to ALLOW a higher half open connection than global maximum connections.Steps to reproduce: Extra info(if any): I stuck for months trying to solve the problem, the problem is very wide because this even affect some non-q Bittorrent clients(such as Transmission), but I can exclude causes such as OS, network, seeding resources, because the exact same torrents works fine on u Torrent. btw thanks sam1275 for saving me a great deal of frustration! Windows 10 Ultimate I sometimes [more rare than often] get a similar "Stalled" prompt with V3312 using Win10.

@techlvm the buttons that @paolorodriguez mentioned are the Up and Down arrow buttons on the right side of the trackers list that adjust the order of the trackers.

q Bit Torrent won't allow over 2000 and Deluge over 9000 global connections, so this puts an upper limit on half open connections at once.

On the opposite end of the problem, setting "maximum number of half open connections" to 0 (or -1) could be changed to mean quit making outgoing connections.

The same is the case for qbittorrent-nox, except that web UI lacks the tier announcement option for trackers.

Is there any flag in the config file I can set up to resolve the issue?

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