Validating cable test jig

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Validating cable test jig

” Common parameters in the DVT build: Because there are so many units being built, the DVT build focuses a lot on tools and techniques for getting units running consistently.If a production build environment isn’t already in place, it’s time to build one.The validation phase is the most commonly standardized phase of product development.Validation is a progressively rigorous process to join the design and engineering development and ensure the product can be consistently manufactured at scale.The EP represents the single largest step function in the product development process.For B2B/enterprise businesses: the EP is often good enough to begin selling.On the left you can see the first test parts for the Salvation Army and The Children’s Miracle Network.

Screw bosses are also optimized for both molding and assembly (blue arrow).

The engineering validation test (or EVT) is the final test of core product engineering.

The question being asked during an EVT build is “does my product cover the functional requirements of my specification?

PVT units are focused only on production and never yield changes to the product (unless something goes horribly wrong).

Common procedures for the PVT run: Jigs and fixtures are critical to ensure reliable assembly.

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