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Validating debt

Without the presence of a legitimate debt validation letter, a consumer has a chance to win his case.Moreover, the consumer will no longer receive harassing phone calls from the collections agency.Even though the two terms can be used in lieu of one another, there is an important difference between a legitimate debt validation letter and a debt verification letter.Debt Verification According to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, each consumer is entitled to validate his or her collections debts.Why People Get Confused with Debt Verification and Debt Validation One reason why people interchange the two terms is because they are being used interchangeably.In a nutshell, the two terms refer to a process wherein a consumer makes a request to a debt collection company to prove to him that he actually owes money.Even though the two letters are a part of a debt dispute letter, consumers can make use of the debt validation letter to contest any abusive actions of the creditor or a collections agency.

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Ask for a debt validation when someone attempts to collect an old debt from you.

Collection agents are bound by federal and state laws concerning the collection of debt.

Many states have consumer protection laws that overlap with both acts, and have stricter rules protecting consumers.

is legalese for “sell the rights to the contract.” Collection agents buy most debts for 5 to 50 cents on the dollar.

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