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Posted by / 20-Mar-2020 02:46

Hi everyone, I was hoping there was a simpler way of validating a date in a textbox.(Similar to how in an Excel cell you can enter a date in a variety of formats and it still recognizes the value as a date..(although sometimes it notices non-dates as dates..still :) )I did a keyword search and came up with these two threads: Thread707-603271 and Thread707-712307But, these are for simple validations of either numeric entries or entries between a certain number. Frank Put your code in the Before Update event procedure of text Start Date and set Cancel=True before the Msg Box Hope This Help, PH.

VBA programming, VBscript and Access VBA scripts provide dynamic aspects to your forms.

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This feature is also useful for hooking up model-view-controller MVC links and firing property changed events.

For some reason, despite the fact it should make sure that the value is numeric before it checks whether it's within a numerical range. By simply changing around in the input Valid function the true and false return types, it works fine.

It still sends me an error when I type nothing or a string in because it's trying to convert it to a double yet if I'm not doing any between range checks, it checks just fine if it's only numeric with no errors.

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