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Validating number in perl

Thus the limits for Perl numbers stored as native integers would typically be -2**31..2**32-1, with appropriate modifications in the case of 64-bit integers.Again, this does not mean that Perl can do operations only over integers in this range: it is possible to store many more integers in floating point format.Using this first operator, you can test to see if one value is less than another value.To see if two numeric values are less than each other, we use the comparison operator You can also test for, less than or equal to, which looks very similar.This document describes how Perl internally handles numeric values.Perl's operator overloading facility is completely ignored here.The confusion stems from the fact that Perl actually has two sets of comparison operators - one for comparing numeric values and one for comparing string American Standard Code for Information Interchange (ASCII) values.Since comparison operators are typically used to control logical program flow and make important decisions, using the wrong operator for the value you are testing can lead to bizarre errors and hours of debugging, if you're not careful.

Perl operations which take a numeric argument treat that argument in one of four different ways: they may force it to one of the integer/floating/ string formats, or they may behave differently depending on the format of the operand.

Forcing a numeric value to a particular format does not change the number stored in the value.

All the operators which need an argument in the integer format treat the argument as in modular arithmetic, e.g., Though forcing an argument into a particular form does not change the stored number, Perl remembers the result of such conversions.

Being strings, and thus of arbitrary length, there is no practical limit for the exponent or number of decimal digits for these numbers.

(But realize that what we are discussing the rules for just the storage of these numbers.

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Native here means "a format supported by the C compiler which was used to build perl".

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