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In most Business Applications we frequently find that the input to a System would be in the form of Xml Data Files.This is particularly true with Modules of a Project that deal with Interoperability. The validation of an Xml input File could occur at various instances of processing as mentioned below: The Concept Validation of Xml Files can be achieved through the use of various Technologies ex. Also, there are many on-line Tools available for validating an input File.Xml Schema Set schemas = new Xml Schema Set(); schemas. Write Line("Attempting to validate"); XDocument cust Ord Doc = XDocument.

This example uses the following XSD schema: Sample XSD File: Customers and Orders. Write Line(); // Modify the source document so that it will not validate. The input Xml File could be even validated against a set of Schema Files.The Schema File is the structural representation of how a given Xml Data File should resemble.Few of them are mentioned below : Microsoft's Visual Studio . Net is primarily handled by the class code present in the following namespaces : Xml Schema Validation An Xml File is generally validated for its conformance to a particular schema.Net provides a number of classes, shipped in as base class libraries of the . The Xml schema file usually is a XML-Data Reduced (XDR) or XML Schema definition language (XSD).

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cvc-element : element information item '/: Ship Notice[1]' is not valid with respect to it's complex type definition.. Parser Exception: I tried using Xerces and JAXP to do validation, the same error happened.