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These methods can take any number of input arguments and only one output parameter which is the last parameter of the method. Please note that if the method's last (output) parameter is a struct, then the fields of this struct will be moved up in the Response message of the action in the WSDL.To the outside world this method will look like it has multiple output parameters.You use it to export a C object's methods as SOAP actions.

Now you can recursively iterate the tree until you've found what you're looking for, but it is way easier to use xpaths in that case. The method name() returns the qname() with its prefix stripped off.When you run this sample server, it listens to port 10333 on your localhost.You can access the wsdl by pointing your browser at: and to access e.g.the Count method of this server from the REST interface you can browse to: As you can see, parameters and values are passed in the URL, order is not important and multiple id/value pairs can be specified for input parameters that allow more than one value.The steps to create a server are: Create a new server object that derives from .

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The XML part of libzeep consists of a validating parser, a DOM(-like) node implementation, an XPath search engine and a XML writer/formatter.

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