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But I, for one, have grown tired of feeling sorry for myself, and you should feel the same for yourself, too. To explain why dating in this city isn’t actually that tragic, I’ve compiled a list of our so-called problems and the antidote for each.

If you really want to know the person in front of you, show up to that first date with a list of questions in your head. Use your common sense and never rush into a relationship.So as a general rule of thumb, remember that if you really subscribe to the whole self respect thing, part of that means you only communicate with people who respect you, too.And for the record, you will find sucky people everywhere you go on this planet – this is NOT just a Vancouver thing.He dumped me via text message and my heart lurched to a stop. I was repulsed by myself, remembering how I pleaded for him to pencil me in, to find a little time. He was still broken from a previous relationship, and that heartache began chipping away at me. But with that said, I kind of expected shit to hit the fan – because everyone says that dating in Vancouver is raunchy.If you feel the pain of dating in Vancouver then I get it, because I have as well.

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There are people who know how to date, you just have to spend time finding them.