Verizon wireless updating towers

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Verizon wireless updating towers

Edit: Oops, major omission was Selectel, which has at least two threads about it.And pretty importantly, there is as yet no VZW MVNO that allows/offers 4G LTE service, so generally speaking it does no good to try and use anything other than a late generation 3G device, except to have a later generation version of Android and any higher spec'd device in your hand to brag about or delight in.But, for at least some of the MVNOs you can flash some of the newer phones to work with them (either do-it-yourself by instructions/tutorials or have a service do it for you for $). I'm thinking if I got another Samsung S3 (CDMA) phone, where could I take it that is comparable or better than the current 55.00 Page Plus plan?Straight Talk's acceptable list is a bit tighter than some of the others. Well, I'm ok where I am now especially since the increase in data from 250 to 500. Selectel has a 50.00 plan that is comparable but I wouldn't switch there only because I can buy the Page Plus refill at discount for close to the 50.00 price of that plan so no sense in bothering with the switch.I won't go into what the list of acceptable phones is for the CDMA BYOP deal is. Other VZW MVNOs: Page Plus Cellular, Talk4Good, Next G, H2O CDMA (yep, apparently still around).There are probably a few more, but those are the ones getting all the attention here on Ho Fo.Also, both of those America Movil companies have lower-line plans that require their branded phones for plans designed only for each respectively (the ST plan and the by-the-minute Net10 plans).Those phones can be either "G" models (for GSM) or "C" models (for CDMA).

This program is not compatible with CDMA carriers Sprint or Metro PCS, 4G LTE devices, i Phones, Black Berry, data only devices, lost or stolen devices, branded Trac Fone, Safe Link, NET10, Straight Talk or Telcel America handsets Thank you for the link. So this means no CDMA only if the carrier is Sprint or Metro PCS? I don't need to replace the phone yet, but want to be prepared and do my homework beforehand.

My Verizon LTE phone seems capable of automatically updating the PRL for roaming, yet I have no idea if a Sprint phone might need the PRL updated manually to be able to use whatever roaming capabilities a Verizon MVNO might offer.

The information on the forum seems to indicate for most Verizon MVNOs (except America Movil's brands) it would be possible to use a reprogrammed Sprint phone, yet I'm not sure if it might make sense to try switching the PRL depending on the Verizon MVNO.

Verizon did introduce some 3G prepaid LG smartphones this year, but usually Verizon doesn't allow MVNOs to activate their prepaid phones.

I think Verizon basic phones also lack LTE, so I would figure they don't mind allowing feature phones and many of the older 3G devices.

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I want Verizon network and CDMA bring your own device. I glanced at the Straight Talk thread and see where 'some phones' run off Verizon network yet you have to buy a Straight Talk phone?