Waiting and dating myles munroe

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Waiting and dating myles munroe

This means there are only 2 choices: Either you deliberately choose to follow God’s guidelines and standards or you will be doomed to follow the world’s way by default. So ask yourself:*Am I spiritually and emotionally matured enough to enter into this path?

*Have I understood the whole concept God’s Word from Genesis to Revelation?

Anytime you lower God’s standards, you prove you’re not mature spiritually or emotionally.

Although dating as we know it today is not a Scriptural concept, it nevertheless has become thoroughly imbedded as a social norm. Understanding this is both important for teenagers as well as parents.

Thus, we have established two key principles that are necessary for success in marriage relationship: (i.) A Solid Plan (ii.) KNOWLEDGE (or Godly Wisdom) for executing those plans.

But even careful, well-laid plans will fail if they are based on faulty information.

Need implies that there is something lacking in your life.

The opposite of need is “CHOICE”, which allows for a decision.

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Here, we're discussing courtship (which is broken into two stages: dating and engagement. One of the common question teenagers (and parents) ask is, “How old should a person be before starting a relationship?