Warning not updating lilo etc lilo conf not found

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Warning not updating lilo etc lilo conf not found

Recompress the initramfs with LZO (fastest decompression) # /etc/(You may experience that the browser is unable to connect to the network for several seconds right after booting, that’s because network initialization hasn’t yet completed, especially when using dhcp.

Just wait some more seconds and refresh the page) Might be better to use a fixed non-dhcp network configuration.

Also use a trick to hide the console messages during boot, by redirecting output to the serial console (console=tty S0).

And change lilo’s default menu colors with a slightly less ugly, Arch-inspired scheme, while we’re at it!

Hardware used for this howto : Mini-ITX motherboard with Pentium-M 1.5GHz (centrino) 512M DDR ram Integrated graphics, sound and ethernet. Go and download the official netinstall iso image at https:// As root, copy the iso to an empty USB drive (it even fits on an old 512M drive) # dd if=archlinux*netinstall*of=/dev/sd X bs=1M # sync Usual warning, replace /dev/sd X with your actual drive, ALL DATA WILL BE ERASED on the drive!Use urxvt terminal emulator instead of xterm # ln -s /usr/bin/urxvt /usr/bin/xterm Installing a lightweight window manager For this howto I chose to use the lwm window manager.It’s ultra-lightweight, mouse-driven, requires no configuration and has no hotkey shortcuts.I personnally like a faster and simpler bootloader (good bye GRUB2! Note : as of 2012/07/20 Grub Legacy is not officially supported anymore by Arch, see So let’s use the good old LILO # pacman -S lilo Review and edit # nano /etc/# # /etc/# boot=/dev/sda # This line often fixes L40 errors on bootup # disk=/dev/hda bios=0x80 default=arch timeout=50 lba32 prompt image=/boot/vmlinuz-linux label=arch root=/dev/sda1 initrd=/boot/read-only Then write up the bootloader # lilo -v Now you can reboot your system!Login as root (empty password) # loadkeys fr The / filesystem may be mounted read-only already.

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