Warning signs dating

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Warning signs dating

It wasn’t my paranoia, the writing was on the wall, I just didn’t want to see it. If the guy you’re involved with checks multiple items on this list, then I’m sorry.

Well, just shy of a year into our relationship he left me for someone else without giving it a second thought. I know it’s a bummer when something promising implodes but believe me when I say it’s for the best.

If that’s the case, read this next to learn exactly what to do: If He’s Pulling Away, Do This...

Every woman has some dating doubts, but if you’re experiencing any of the following issues, perhaps you are dating the wrong guy. If your guy is more interested in how you fit in his world and he doesn’t take into consideration your individual needs, you’re certainly dating the wrong guy.

More likely, he can’t get his act together and the woman who poured every ounce of her being into helping him ends up absolutely broken hearted. Or maybe he does really really like you, but the timing is off or he’s dealing with emotional issues and he just can’t give you the commitment you want (or any sort of commitment, really).

If a guy needs fixing before he can become someone date-able, you need to move along. MORE: Signs You’re in a Toxic Relationship and What to Do A little bit of jealousy can be sweet and even a little endearing, but if he flies off the handle anytime you so much as look in the direction of another guy, he has issues and you need to stay away. He enjoys your company, he’s attracted to you, and he doesn’t have anyone else at the moment so he keeps you around … Well, this might be less of a blow to your ego, but you still need to get away and fast. You can’t force someone into feeling what you want them to feel.

I’ll say it again, these situations never, ever, ever end well!

If he doesn’t want what you want — he doesn’t want the same kind go relationship, doesn’t want kids, doesn’t want to bring religion into the home, doesn’t want to live in a city, etc., then cut your losses before you get in too deep.

He needs you to be there when he wants you there, and he’s annoyed if you need anything from him.

The relationship seems to revolve around his needs and his schedule and his time table. If this sounds familiar and applies to your situation, you need to get away.

To find long-term compatibility and true happiness, we should take matters into our own hands. You feel that your partner only thinks about himself and he always does whatever he wants, even when you don’t like his actions and he knows about it.

Do you feel like you are wearing a mask when you are with him?

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is a guy with a lot of potential buried under a pile of issues.

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