Warning signs you re dating loser

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Warning signs you re dating loser

He thinks you'll like him more if he gives you something or does things for you.

He doesn't understand your feelings and he might not ever "get them" or you.

He will make you feel sorry for him and use it against you.

He will always be right and make you feel like it was YOUR decision or how it's all and always YOUR fault.

Typical player or dreamer who rarely follows through with anything.

If you're getting lots of questions similar to or he's constantly upset when you're not always validating your attraction to him - this is a BAD sign. What's the best way to determine if you should give him a chance, if he's just making minor and fixable mistakes OR if it's time to break off all contact so you can move on with your life BEFORE it gets much worse?If a guy, in any way shape or form is asking you if you like him, his commitment to you will be generally based on your commitment to him.If a guys life revolves around a constant "pity party" for himself, chances are he's either using it to get laid OR is incapable of allowing someone to love him and falls into number 6. He might actually be living in the past and feels deserving of something more.He will also use other women in his life to prove his point with you. AND if you don't offer that to him and if he never believes it's real - he'll resent it. Guys who feel like they deserve more without making a real effort to move on or be honest with themselves will also find it difficult to be totally honest with you.

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