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As the city grew, the seabird colonies came under severe threat as eggs were collected in the millions for San Francisco markets.The trade, which in its heyday could yield 500,000 eggs a month, was the source of conflict between the egg-collecting companies and the lighthouse keepers.

By 1818, the seals diminished rapidly until only about 500 could be taken annually and within the next few years, the fur seal was extirpated from the islands.

De la Ascension wrote in his diary, "Six leagues before reaching Punta de los Reyes (Point Reyes) is a large island, two leagues from land and three leagues northwest of this are . In 1769, the bay inlet was finally discovered soon after an overland sighting of the bay was made from what is now the Pacifica area.

In the years following the discovery of the islands, during the Maritime Fur Trade era, the islands were exploited by seal hunters, first from New England and later from Russia.

This activity, combined with the threat of oil spills from San Francisco's shipping lanes, prompted President Theodore Roosevelt to sign Executive Order No.

1043 in 1909, creating the Farallon Reservation to protect the chain's northern islands.

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There is light flashing while balancing on the corner of the Curacao sign framework.