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Think webserver, and you'll probably think of Apache or Microsoft, or maybe Nginx, but Shodan's database of nearly 144 million webservers shows that they're not the only ones out there – not by a long shot.

According to Shodan, Microsoft's Internet Information Server, or IIS, runs about 8.5 million web servers, but that's dwarfed by one most people have never heard of: Allegro Software Development's Rom Pager, which runs on more than 22 million machines.

And for people like him him, there's only one search engine. Google has done a masterful job of indexing the human experience – the webpages, books, Word documents, and images and videos that make up our life. It's looking for all the stuff that's connected to the internet, from routers and refrigerators to live webcams that give you a glimpse inside people's homes to, well, who knows what.

These odd little devices, overlooked by Google and Bing, are the things that Tentler finds interesting.

"Not from where their marketing department wants you to see it.

But from where the shipping and receiving department uses it."Using a network of 24 computers nested in service providers across the world, Shodan reaches out and methodically probes machines across the globe asking them the simplest of questions: What can you tell me about yourself? If you know the right search terms, a Shodan search can be like randomly opening a window to a mysterious world. Some of the things you find clearly aren't supposed to be made public.

'"Matherly was just sending web server requests, but that kind of constant methodological probing makes many administrators uncomfortable.

It's the kind of reconnaissance work that the bad guys as well as the search engines engage in.

Matherly has a half-rack of servers in San Diego that store his core data on the more than 1.2 billion devices he's tracked on the internet.

Shodan's probes cycle through internet protocol addresses.

Sometimes, it finds webcams or databases, sometimes control panels for large caterpillar tractors, or even medical devices.

"They put these things online and you don't find them on Google.

Therefore, you should be able to find them and anybody who does is trying to hack their network," Matherly says.

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There's also his network of probes, which add new data on 200 to 400 million devices each month.

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