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Wga updating sp3

Microsoft would not be daft enough to deny anyone security updates (at least until XP is officially fully deprecated) as the extra abundance of hacked Windows machines causing hassle would be extra embarrassment.You won't be able to use the Windows Update web site - just the local client, and you'll need to be careful with that as WGA creeps in unexpectedly with other updates (make sure you always do a custom download install of updates).The Package Installer facilitates the install of software updates for Microsoft Windows operating systems and other Microsoft products.

Note also, that you will not be able to avoid it at all if you upgrade to Vista or Windows 7.

If you want to avoid most kinds of big brother stuff, then you need to use linux.

Apple is vengeful big brother with draconian measures to prevent software from working (look at the i Phone) and Microsoft is just plain big brother.

You can change the wallpaper manually but that would be a pain in the ass to do every hour.

One thing you can do is that you can use a simple wallpaper changer tool and schedule it to change the wallpaper every hour, right after WGA resets the background to black.

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To date, helping others in various forums and from my own personal consulting experience, I have not seen one incident that WGA caused a major problem with.

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