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I feel like if this theory were going on with any other show, a rational reaction would be to say ' Hey, we're not talking about Brit Marling and Zal Batmanglij here...' But, here we are. Both Brit and Zal in their last posts on insta point us towards Steve.Edit 4: Okay, this is going to sound very conspiracy-esque, but, today is Brit’s birthday. Yesterday, Brit committed to the idea that The OA, the character, the person, the angel, is not real, and is no longer. If that isn’t convincing enough on who and what we need to become right now in this moment I don’t know what else would be. The art and message of a show has meant so much to a lot of people and that lives on. How beautiful is it that this fiction has affected us so greatly — enough for us to create theories and ‘movements’ that bring us all together. What good are fictions for if not to inspire new thoughts, powerful emotions, and communities to share such affections with?We do good by accepting the responsibility that was given in the beginning. We must learn that our responsibility to the Earth is less important than our caring for each other. God reminded Jonah that he had no right to care more for plants and trees and cattle than for the 120,000 people that lived in Nineveh.Now, more than ever, we need to gain God’s perspective on what things really matter most.Perhaps, as /u/pickleboomer explained here, we must unite. What if we not only must convince her that this is all real, but we must save her from Hap, and send her to the next dimension.Regardless of whether this has any truth beneath it, would it hurt to unite, and do the movements?It is not Netflix's job to renew The OA, the show. Edit 1More curious things / clues going on that we've noticed.Edit 2:/u/rhondafromdeli pointed out that our discussion here was shared in an Insider article: 3: Okay - for an entire compilation of clues, /u/happyknight11 has created this for us all:https:// OA/comments/cn78eu/a_compilation_of_reasons_why_the_oa_may_not/Edit 4: I really appreciate something that /u/Mr Bread Water pointed out in their theory involving the numbers 5373.

This was the day we were to campaign to #Renew The OA, and was also the day that Netflix cancelled The OA. Then all suffer the weather and pestilence that flood in. And too much of a coincidence that they announced that it is cancelled on the day the official #renewtheoa day was planned Deleted my original comment because the more I thought about this, it just made sense.

Surely, within that dimension, the show would likely be cancelled. I believe that Brit and Zal would take this opportunity to live out elements of the show beyond the constraints of the screen.

As /u/kadhibo brought up, Fola said to Karim in S2, “At some point the game goes IRL”. Within this dimension, Brit 'remembers everything, but doesn't believe it's true'.

If the show truly has gone IRL, then it isn't solely Steve's responsibility to convince Brit that it is all real.

If the boundary between fiction and real life has been broken, then we must truly believe it - embrace it.

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Then I read about this theory and oh my, does it make sense. And if it’s truly the end, isn’t it the best time to demonstrate our love to Brit, Zal and the rest?

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