When did kristen stewart and rob pattinson start dating

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And needless to say, it couldn’t have turned out better, because the films ended up as a huge success, and Kristen and Rob were made instant superstars.Twilight is one of those franchises that is known for its zealous fans (frequently called Twihards).The two went their separate ways, each dating new people and moving on to new ventures.But this year, Kristen and Robert were spotted together on several occasions, and were recently photographed together leaving a party.When Rob was cast to play Edward in the vampire film Twilight (based on novels by Stephenie Meyer), viewers couldn’t help but notice just how incredible the chemistry was between the two gorgeous co-stars.As they made such a great couple on-screen, their fans were beyond thrilled when their relationship became a real-life one as well.And reportedly, it was Kristen herself who chose him to play the role.She insisted that the role should go to him, as he was perfect for it.

Kristen is dating model Stella Maxwell, and Robert was recently linked to another model himself.

And although rumors were going around about Kristen and Rob, she was quick to deny them, and Michael had brushed them off.

But as we now know, things were actually heating up between the Twilight co-stars, in the midst of their high-profiled rise to stardom.

But if we take a look back at what really happened between the two stars, we might realize there is a chance after all… A fan who saw the two hanging out together, tweeted about it and the internet was blowing up with excited comments and sparked rumors of a rekindled romance.

Twilight fans everywhere freaked out when Robert Pattison and Kristen Stewart were spotted together in a bar in L. It wasn’t the only time the former couple was seen – and even photographed – together this year, but more on that later.

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These fans weren’t only going crazy for them as Edward and Bella – their on-screen chemistry was so strong, fans were rooting for them to get together for real.