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I’m in the sport now to be a little more innovative and to pick and choose my battles. Speaking of racing, there’s a team on the AMA Motocross circuit this year called Team Suzuki City / Nitro Circus. We like to help out, and as big as the Nitro brand is we’re still putting most of the money back in trying to get movies and other stuff done.

Do you have a favorite trick that anyone else does? I always used to knock myself out on 360s, but Bilko (Blake Williams) is doing really, really good Flatspin Indian Air 360s and Heelclicker 360s and I just wonder how he gets the pop each time off the lip. Body varials are super technical and cool and there’s this guy Clinton Moore over here doing them, but I really like the tricks that look big; flipping, spinning, getting way off the bike, that sort of thing. We’ve been blessed in this sport and we try to give back as much as possible.

How did you meet her and how long have you guys been together?

Well I’ve known her forever; she won the X Games for the first time when she was 13 years old.

I’ve had offers to go other places and it just doesn’t really make sense.At MTV they wanted us to be more like the Jackass crew and that wasn’t really our style so it’s been awesome to do this for FUEL TV.Are you guys filming for the second season of right now? The professional motocross racer, FMX innovator, rally car champion, TV star and all around daredevil is so famous for his accomplishments in action sports that your mom probably knows who he is.The man who calls home a hotel room is currently gearing up for the fourth stop of the Nitro Circus Live tour in Australia and graciously found some time to talk to us about the tour, the X Games, and everything else happening in the world of #199. What is it, why are you doing it and why is the first tour in Australia?

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I’m not going to show up if I think I’m only going to get third or fourth or fifth or whatever, or if I have something that’s not innovative.