Who is andy sixx dating

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Who is andy sixx dating

Biersack has also been part of the Montana Meth commercial "Jumped.In addition, Biersack has also been part of several musical concert and world tours along with several other musical artists.

All because Patrick believe in Andy, and because Andy believed enough in himself to stretch the truth.Andy Biersack has established himself as a renowned figure in the musical sector with his fantastic creation and his performance.Andy has been featured in several commercials, including in the AT&T commercial "Confetti".“I happened to run across this gentleman on one of these sets who was also very bored,” he explained, “We would just start to talk, and at one point, he said to me, ‘well, you have a band, right?’ And the reality there was that I have a band, but the band consisted of me and a bunch of songs I had worked on and written back in Kentucky and Cincinnati, but no actual members.” The “gentleman” was Patrick Fogarty, a director and cinematographer, who directed music videos.

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During his initial days of high school, he formed a band named Biersack along with his companions.