Who is anne dating on secret life

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Who is anne dating on secret life

(Insert crack about gay jeans being really skinny here.

Yeah, they went there.) By the end of the episode, Amy and her friends are gathered around Amy’s locker, dishing on this new gossip: Adrian and Grace are gay.

She and Grace touch lips — once, twice —before Grace rears back, flips out, and runs from the apartment.(Summer school, for the record, involves walking around the halls carrying heavy textbooks and talking constantly about sex.) For two whole episodes, all anyone can talk about is who is gay, or not gay, or rumored to be gay.Seriously: if you set aside two hours and played a drinking game, with one swig every time someone uttered the word “gay,” you would be beyond plastered.She’s a flight attendant.” (Flight attendants are all bombshells? Where does this stereotype even a lesbian (does that make Ricky gay? I know that doesn’t add up to 100%, but there’s just too much going on for fractions to actually be useful here.Teenagers say no, a gay mom doesn’t equal a gay son. Has one episode of television been so devoted to characters vehemently defending themselves as not gay?

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Last week’s episode, “4Sn P,” opens with everyone staring at Amy.