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Who is celine dion dating

“ In other news, Billboard announced today (Thursday, 31st January) that Dion will be releasing her very own biopic and music-filled film, “The Power of Love”, on 2nd December 2020.

BEING a widow at 50 was not something international music superstar Celine Dion ever planned for.

“We bonded right away as friends, we had a good time. “But when people started to take pictures and it was like, ‘Who’s that guy? ’” With the slightest hint of anger in her voice, she adds: “Let’s not mix everything.” Pepe is with her all the time, she counters, because he helps to style and train her so she is in the best shape. Of course we hug and hold hands and go out, so people see that. He’s giving me his hand to go out.” Does it make her angry that people think she has moved on already?

She tells me: “I don’t mind because he’s handsome and he’s my best friend.” I ask if she is single.

Neither has commented publicly on the nature of their relationship, so it's possible they're just good friends.

Muñoz, a native of Malaga, is a backup dancer in Dion’s show during her European tour, which continues until Aug. “I’d always been a great fan, not like a psycho fan, but I’ve always loved her music,” Muñoz told of being asked to dance in her show.

“But I use my voice as well for things that I choose I want to do and things that I say to my team I don’t want to do. She explains: “My point of view is to give the children as young as possible an option of trying things. We have to give the children the opportunity to be who they are.” Celine believes a gender- neutral approach will even reduce mental health problems in later life. Because later on – if it accumulates – they won’t be able to communicate freely, then they’re going to have problems. If you don’t, leave me alone.” Celine’s greatest pride remains her children — eight-year-old twins Eddy and Nelson, and 18-year-old son Rene-Charles, who is entering the music business himself, as a DJ under the name Big Tip.

I feel that I am grown up enough to say, ‘I think I would rather do this than that’. “My children were in my closet at two years old, in diapers, wearing my high boots, trying my lipstick.” But it was a trip to Disneyland where they wanted Barbie dolls and Minnie Mouse over action figures that convinced Celine to launch her own gender-neutral clothing line for children. So let the children speak and wear what they want – embrace that.” Celine admits: “The way that we used to work before was more conservative.” Her outrageous new looks, which go viral online, are not about “trying to take chances” but rather finding outfits that make her “feel attractive”. I want to feel strong, beautiful, feminine and sexy.” And as for criticism of her style and, more recently, slimmer frame, Celine doesn’t give a damn. However, Celine seems to be struggling with setting boundaries for her eldest now that he is “a man”.

And so much for me to explore, for me now to spread my wings.In an exclusive interview, as she announces plans to return to the UK for a one-off concert in Hyde Park, Celine tells me: “To be honest with you, I think I’m at the best of my life right now and I really want to enjoy and embrace every moment of it.Just don’t suggest a toyboy lover has trampled all over the memory of Rene Angelil — who discovered Celine when she was 12 years old, became the only man she ever kissed and then left her devastated three years ago when he died of cancer, aged 73.The duo has come under scrutiny for often appearing in public together over the past 2 years. The A-lister’s late husband Rene Angelil passed away in 2016, leaving her with 3 sons, 18-year-old Rene-Charles and 8-year-old twins Nelson and Eddy.Dion admitted that the media attention hasn’t been easy on Munoz.

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She says of Rene-Charles: “I know he’s well taken care of above — his dad is sending him good energy.

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