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It is then that Tasha builds her own management company, Tasha Mack Management.She dissolves the company, however, to join Irv Smiff Management (ISM).Wendy Raquel Robinson as Tasha Mack is the brash, bold, & flamboyant mother of Malik Wright and begins the series as his manager.Malik, giving his mother an ultimatum at one point, eventually fires Tasha.Melanie is the cousin of Los Angeles attorney-turned-restaurateur Joan Clayton (of Girlfriends).In season one, Melanie and Derwin break up due to Derwin's infidelity with singer Drew Sidora, which starts a series of ups-and-downs between the two.In the season three finale, Kelly Pitts and Tasha have a falling-out when Kelly discovers that Tasha set her then ex-husband, Jason Pitts, with his then new girlfriend, Camille.The altercation soon turns physical, with Kelly punching Tasha.

Coby Bell as Jason Pitts (seasons 1-3, 6-9; recurring seasons 4-5) – Jason Pitts is the San Diego Sabers former team captain and superstar wide receiver, later its head coach.Derwin was against it at first but eventually came around.In May 2012 Mowry announced via her Twitter account that she would not be returning to The Game in season six.In the season three finale, Melanie finally marries Derwin during a private ceremony, after the public ceremony was interrupted by the birth of Derwin's son by his ex-girlfriend Janay.In season five, after confessing that she felt empty being just a housewife despite their wealth and Derwin's success, she decides to pursue her medical career and begin a residency program at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine.

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