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In a photo shared to her Instagram story, Duff and Koma snuggle on a couch with their newborn baby, Banks Violet Bair. " Duff captioned the snap that showed off Koma's pink locks. " she captioned a photo of the parents holding Banks, with giant smiles on both of their faces."She joined our world at home on Thursday afternoon and is absolute magic." Koma also shared the photo, writing, "We welcome a beautiful daughter, little sister, and best friend for life.The actress and fiance Matt Rosenberg are the proud and excited parents of a baby girl, E!News confirms, the very first child for both halves of this cute couple.

Maybe after the craziness of a new baby dies down we'll be ready to talk about it again." In the meantime, Haylie is busy planning another important event in the form of Ryan's third birthday party.Haylie Katherine Duff is an American actress, singer, television host, writer, and model.Although she has never been cast in the lead role in any of the films so far, she has made guest appearances in many films and television series besides playing some important roles in both the small and the big screen.Thursday, the singer-actress uploaded a picture to her Twitter account, unveiling a bare baby bump and a painted, gift-wrapped present with the phrase "Happy Holidays."When a couple of cuties collide in a style showdown featuring flowy frocks, there is simply no telling who will prevail. Retired star of The Hills and current bestselling author Lauren Conrad recently attended a charity carnival in Los Angeles in a Gypsy 05 maxidress, while Hailey Duff headed out on a date in the strapless version of the tie-dyed silk dress.Readers of The Hollywood Gossip: we have a new leader in the race for Most Absurd, Hilarious, Mean-Spirited My Space Exchange Among Celebrities.

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Following the news yesterday that Jenny Mc Carthy is engaged to Donnie Wahlberg, we count 16 pairings that involve at least one well-known celebrity and one exciting piece of great news: This is no April Fool's joke: Haylie Duff is engaged!

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