Who is lisa robertson of qvc dating

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Who is lisa robertson of qvc dating

The queen of home-shopping mecca QVC, Lisa Robertson is more gorgeous, personable and, yes, popular than any soap star out there. "I grew up in a small town of 4,000 people in the mountains of Tennessee where you didn't think — much less dream — of being on TV," says Robertson, now in her 16th year with QVC.

In an age of 'fender bender' where marriages and divorces take no time, she is setting an example of how married life can be nurtured to make a great relationship.

Since then, the couple has been together hitting newer heights in their union every passing day.

The married couple is just two years away from touching the three decades of married life.

On top of that, she was provided with a moment to cherish her whole life after the network organized a special party for Jane to celebrate her 30 years of contribution.

And the star anchor's feet still have lots of miles on it and is showing no signs of stopping, even at the age of 56!

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