Who is vic zhou dating now dating someone online

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I’m also sure Reen is his style of girl, after high profile romances with Beatrice Hsu and Barbie Hsu, Zai Zai finally settled down with a girl who looks sweet as pie onscreen and is reportedly just able to get the prickly Zai Zai.

Yes, real life married and not just cinematic married.She was once a singer Her younger sister, popular talk show host, Dee Hsu was the other half of their girl band called ASOS (A Sisters of Shu).co-star Vic Zhou and her were one of the biggest and most talked about Taiwanese celebrity couple during the seven years that they were together.I wonder if this relationship is getting that serious for them to slowly go public?I’m happy for my Zai Zai even as I cry silent weepy tears that he and I can never be.

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She sang the theme songs for two of her drams One of them was a duet with her ex-boyfriend and fellow was the most expensive Chinese horror film ever made at that time in China.