Who renee zellweger dating

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Who renee zellweger dating

He'd had a crush on her for awhile, admitting that he wrote his hit song Their wedding was very small and secretive, with only 35 friends joining them on St. Four months later however, they'd broken up and Zellweger had filed for an annulment.' Fraud' was cited as the reason.Chesney told they decided on that reason together believing it was less harmful than the other options of bigamy, insanity or force.“The only fraud that was committed was me thinking that I knew what it was like…

She'd also been paying off his credit cards that added up to about 00 AUD a month.

White wanted Zellweger to move to Texas but she was looking into property in Connecticut and the Hamptons.

It's also been reported the relationship dissolved over an incident where White hit a rival band member.

He had to attend an anger management course after the violent outburst.

Zellweger's publicist said of their split: "They remain good friends. Zellweger's romance with country singer Kenny was a whirlwind.

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