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Winchester model 67 serial number dating

There were a total of 383,587 made during that time span,yours included.

The Winchester Model 67 is a single-shot bolt-action .22 caliber rifle with a barrel-length of about 22".

This was not mandatory until the year 1968 by the gun control act of that year.

The Winchester model 67 shotgun was made from 1934-1963.

Based on the earlier Model 60, the Model 67 was the mainstay of Winchester's inexpensive single-shot rifle lineup.

As with the Model 60 from which it was derived, the cocking piece at the rear of the bolt had to be manually drawn rearwards to cock the action after closing the bolt, but the design was improved to incorporate a wing-style safety.

The Model 60 had a similar rotating safety but those Model 60 guns having the "SAFE" and "FIRE" indications were read through oblong holes in the bolt; the wing safety made the safe/fire condition more readily apparent from a distance.

The Fed finally forced the gun makers to number all firearms in the 50's The Winchester Model 67A evolved from the Model 67 in September of 1939.

Production of the Model 67A ran from then until December 1963 when it was discontinued.

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In August 1937, acting on a suggestion by Adolph Topperwein, Winchester introduced a smaller version intended to be marketed as a child's first rifle.