Windows 7 updating sucks

Posted by / 27-Jan-2020 01:17

Windows 7 updating sucks

Here's an insightful comment I cannot agree more with: "Microsoft has given themselves the right to do remote administration and data gathering ...

and for all but the ones which can select Security, they'll do it in such a way that they can personally identify you.

Here's a very nice Full Disclosure: I worked at M$ from 2014-2015. The idea is that everything is serviceable over the internet now, so they can just "fix it later", except they never do.

This perpetuates a duct-tape culture that refuses to actually fix problems and instead rewards teams that find ways to work around them.

Oh, and apparently they'll gather some of your documents as well.

No fucking way we can trust them with this, because as soon as they have the ability to tell your computer to package up some data and send it to them, some asshole in law enforcement is going to demand they misuse it.

The truth is I don't plead allegiance to any OS on the market. You can subscribe to this page via an RSS feed (test).

And don't say they won't, because that's exactly the kind of shit law enforcement and the security agencies are doing.

No way they won't show up with an NSL demanding information and forbidding Microsoft from admitting to it.".

Let me say that I've always been a big fan of Windows because Microsoft does care about compatibility, vs.

many other tech companies that break backward compatibility all the time.

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If you decide to disable total tracking (including keyboard scanning and voice recording) you'll have to disable over a hundred different Internet addresses and then no one guarantees that a new Windows update doesn't add new hosts because Microsoft surely is not interested in losing such a lucrative feature meant for Big Brother agencies.