Women with children dating married men

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Her so called husband has already married another woman and that is the reason for the divorce.He abuses her constantly and the marriage was also by force and deceit.Same thing applies to a woman dating a guy with kids, by the way. ” when Tom Cruise says to Cuba Gooding Jr., “Can I ask you a question? Scott was a single guy dating a woman with kids, ended up marrying her and says he couldn’t be happier.But, he’ll be the first to tell you, it wasn’t always a piece of cake.

She has a child just 1 years old from her current marriage.

Try dealing with these points: The Ex is a bad influence on the children, The ex cheated which meant the relationship ended with severe strain on the children and spouse who was betrayed, sharing children is NEVER a fun thing....think so?

Ask any divorced couple how many times the "No I thought YOU were going to take them this weekend and YOU were supposed to pick them up" argument occurs.

All it takes is for one of them to be a bad influence and you have trouble. I'm 31, and i'm dating a woman who just turned 39 and has 2 kids (4 and 6).

Throw in child support problems, possible jealousy issues with any of them, and any of the children have psych issues from the divorce itself and it's a big nut to crack. I've never been great around kids, they annoy me a lot, though i always thought i wanted kids, it's not my time.

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She's great, but i'm really unsure about this situation...

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