Workplace dating agreements dating for larger ladies

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A love contract is not a management panacea and is no substitute for good management judgment.What do you do—get them to re-up, like the military, every six months?The love triangle led to workplace gossip and a physical confrontation in the employer’s parking lot.The fight was the last straw, and all three were fired. But the court reasoned that the parking-lot brawl was reason enough for the terminations.While it detracts from the romance, a love contract (or “consensual relationship agreement”) can set ground rules for office behavior and reinforce the company’s sexual-harassment policies.April Boyer, an employment partner with K&L Gates in Miami, says love contracts may be intrusive, but represent that the employer “recognizes the reality of what might happen, and has to set the parameters.While proponents of love contracts say they can provide strong evidence of an employer’s steps taken to prevent sexual harassment, not everyone is a fan of such agreements. Don’t do them,” says Mike Maslanka, managing partner of the Dallas office of Ford & Harrison and the author of numerous articles on employment law.

A workplace romance that ends on a sour note can have all kinds of repercussions.

Another 25 percent acknowledged dating someone higher up in the company food chain.

To be fair, sometimes Cupid’s arrow flies straight and true.

It’s an employer’s compromise.” In most love contracts, the parties agree to the following: if the relationship ends, neither will retaliate against the other or violate the company’s anti-harassment policies.

For employees who are on the same reporting level, some love contracts will also contain a provision that neither party will seek or accept a position where one reports to the other.

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Although he brought a lawsuit against the company, the court found that he was dismissed on legitimate, non-discriminatory grounds.