Wpf itemscontrol binding not updating

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I recently wanted to lookup some Items Control examples, and was was quite surprised that my good friend Google was unable to find me any good sites.

This topic is about data binding in Universal Windows Platform (UWP) applications. This is a mode of binding called , and it works well for read-only data.If you're using C /Win RT, then add new Midl File (.idl) items to the project, named as shown in the C /Win RT code example listing below. That implementation of Host View Model, and its property Next Button Text, are only appropriate for one-time binding.Replace the contents of those new files with the MIDL 3.0 code shown in the listing, build the project to generate // Host View namespace Data Binding In Depth // Host View Model.h // Implement the constructor like this, and add this field: ... But one-way and two-way bindings are extremely common, and in those kinds of binding the UI automatically updates in response to changes in the data values of the binding source.So that you don't have to implement the pattern shown above multiple times, if you're using C# then you can just derive from the Bindable Base bass class that you'll find in the Quiz Game sample (in the "Common" folder). For an application to pass the Windows App Certification Kit tests used by Visual Studio and by the Microsoft Store to validate submissions (and therefore for the application to be successfully ingested into the Microsoft Store), a composable class must ultimately derive from a Windows base class. Raising the Property Changed event with an argument of String.Meaning that the class at the very root of the inheritance hierarchy must be a type originating in a Windows.* namespace. Empty or null indicates that all non-indexer properties on the object should be re-read.

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Instead, you load only some results immediately, and load additional results as needed.