Wsus 3 0 sp2 clients not updating

Posted by / 06-Dec-2019 15:56

I have the GPO set to "Configure Automatic Updates" Everyday at so maybe I'm just being a little impatient.I am going to try to run the /detectnow from the command line on some of the other pc's in the test OU to see if I get them to pull the updates.Use SQL Server Configuration Manager to stop the SQL Server (MSSQLSERVER) service.

So, if you know for sure the exact update that does this, please comment.Sorry about not attaching the Windows file, it should be attached now.I will let you guys know in a little bit if I got the other machines to update. I have not seen any other workstations in my test OU update from the WSUS. Right now about half of my workstations have reported in (which is 11 out of 24) and have downloaded their updates from the WSUS.I think I am going to install the Windows client update on the rest of the workstations. Yes install the newest client on all the workstations, and yes be patient, i have seen it take along time to get all the machines caught up with the latest updates.So the initial sync from MS to the WSUS can be very large depending on what updates you want to pull, and then it still needs to push them out to the clients.

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As you may have seen, there has been an update to the extended support lifecycle for WSUS 3.0 SP2 (WSUS 3.2).

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