Xkcd dating pool discussion bloggers re entering the dating world

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Xkcd dating pool discussion

Monarch butterflies travel thousands of miles during their migration across North America, with some traveling all the way from Canada to Mexico in a single season.

If you look up during the spring or fall on the East Coast of the United States, you can sometimes spot them gliding by silently overhead, a few hundred feet above the ground.

This leads us to a question: what is the general formula for the number of guys who will fill in N urinals if they all come in one at a time and follow the urinal protocol?

One could write a simple recursive program to solve it, placing one guy at a time, but there’s also a closed-form expression.

On some devices, though, file storage is permanently attached to the electronics, making removal more challenging.

Carrying storage devices around is a surprisingly high-bandwidth way to transfer information.

Even if it flew very fast, a tiny drone carrying a Micro SD card could make it just a few miles before running out of steam.

Today, I’m finishing our interview with Love Journey, the author of “AMBW: Asian Men Black Women Movement.” In this article, we’ll be taking a looking deeper into her other works and into AMBW relationships. It is amazing and life changing being around people that think the same way that I do in regards to trying to be better.

The term “AMBW” refers specifically to relationships featuring Asian men and black women. I am recommending this to EVERY black woman that I know because I think this is for people that want any race of man.

For some numbers of urinals, this protocol leads to efficient placement.

If there are five urinals, they fill up like this: The first two guys take the end and the third guy takes the middle one.

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A suitcase full of Micro SD cards contains many petabytes of data; if you want to transfer very large amounts of data, mailing boxes of disk drives will almost always be faster than transferring them over the internet.