Xmas dating site

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Xmas dating site

Relationships break up throughout the year, but it is most prominent at certain times than others.

David Mc Candless did a study on the most common break up points in the year.

Unfortunately, it is also the time you hear of break ups between lovers.

Christmas period is a time that marks where you are at in your relationship.

Excessive pressure Valentine’s day is a fun filled day and also a stressful one at that.

It is a time when lovers share gifts, roses and romantic cards.

Sad to say, it is also a day when lovers say hello to tears, slammed doors and broken hearts.

It is a day when people take stock of their love lives and decide to either make out or break up and move out.

If you are lucky enough to celebrate the day with your boyfriend, then you are in a solid relationship, if not, then your relationship is about to break.

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He gathered the information from Facebook profiles showing breakups at certain time of the year.

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